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Safety. Performance. CEC is reinventing the wheel with this innovative and functional brake cooling wheel design. Left and right rotation allows maximum airflow through the wheel opening ducts for high performance brake cooling.
US PATENT NO. D879,005

c25 Multi-piece Forged


Combining a unique two piece forged construction with sophisticated styling, the c25 is the perfect match for your European luxury vehicle.

c26 Multi-piece Forged


Modern and sporty, the c26 is at home with the best in class exotic, high performance automobiles. Offering dynamic directional styling with a deep inset machined lip, this unique forged wheel makes a profound statement.

c27 Multi-piece Forged


Designed specifically for large, grand touring luxury sedans and coupes, the c27 is the perfect marriage of class and refinement.



CEC’s iconic c826 wheel provides a clean, minimalist design that never goes out of style. Available in 20” and 22” diameters to fit most trucks and SUVs, the elegant c826 looks equally at home on many full size passenger cars.



With its clean, modern lines and concave design, the c881 is a striking complement to any sedan, sports car or light SUV.



The c882 monoblock wheel’s concave profile and matte gunmetal machined and gloss black machined finishes nicely compliment the complex lines and color palettes of today’s luxury automobiles.

c883 Forged


The c883’s beautiful detailing and concave profile makes the perfect stylistic addition to today’s luxury sedans and grand touring machines, while its forged construction provides the load rating that such heavy vehicles require.

c883 SUV


The C883 SUV wheel brings unmatched class and refinement to the truck and SUV market. Derived from the c883 Forged, the c883 SUV is available exclusively in 22”x10” sizing and features a sleek seven spoke design.



Known as the ultimate combination of style and performance, the c884 is sure to be the best fit for your exotic, high performance and luxury vehicle.

c884 Forged


The c884 Forged wheel is the ultimate combination of style and performance. The c884 combines a clean, classic five spoke design with deep concave forgings and state of the art engineering techniques to provide the perfect balance of form and function.