The New CEC - P Zero World

“This is who we are, what we do and why we do it.”

The The New CEC – P Zero World features service bays that utilize state-of-the-art road-force wheel and tire balancing, digital alignment and the latest mounting equipment. From the simplest shift knob to beautiful custom leather, carbon fiber, aluminum and wood trim interior, the shop technicians are thoroughly trained to perform the finest workmanship in installation of any component.

No wish is too small. No desire too large. From replacing foot pedals to purchasing a fully modified vehicle right off of the showroom floor, you can fulfill your automotive dreams at the The New CEC – P Zero World.

The New CEC – P Zero World is conveniently located in the heart of Century City. It was designed by prominent architect Pierluigi Bonvicini and has been serving enthusiasts since 1997. Inspired by a Giorgio Armani boutique, the atmosphere is a luxurious shopping environment where all visitors are made to feel comfortable. Unique elements such as a lounge, cappuccino bar and art gallery-like displays create the perfect environment for shopping, conversing, motor sport telecasts, and private events.

As of Summer 2016 CEC and Pirelli have partnered to open the world’s first Pirelli retail and brand experience. P Zero World is now offering top level automotive products and services for drivers who expect the very best.

Schedule an appointment to get your new Pirelli tires installed today and experience our state of the art showroom. We provide the highest level of mounting, balancing and alignment technology available, as well as all of the premium services CEC has been offering since 1990.