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Apr 16, 2012

Wheel Spotlight | c883 SUV

Influenced by the c883 forged and its attractive split seven spoke styling and light weight design, the c883 SUV brings the unmatched class and luxury to the truck and SUV market. The c883 SUV features a seven spoke design and center cap which covers lug holes and provides an incomparable exterior appearance for both European and Domestic trucks and SUV’s. Finishes include Matte Black/Machined, Magic Black/Machined, and Liquid Silver/Machined finishes.

The c883 SUV offers a wide variety of custom finish options. Custom finishes allow you to make your vehicle stand out from the rest whether that is a balancing color or a unique finish. The custom gloss black/matte black finish on the Audi Q7 distinguishes it from the ordinary reflecting the illuminating gloss black and matte black off the Q7 itself.

The c883 SUV accentuates the luxury features of the Cadillac Escalade adding class and refinement. This liquid silver/machined finish offers a look that is unmatched by any other. CEC is the original provider of unique SUV wheels with this type of paint finish with a machined and clear coat surface, available exclusively in 22”x10” sizing.

The Range Rover Supercharged will not go unnoticed with the premium upgrades available. The c883 SUV is engineered not only to enhance the SUV but are built to accept Land Rover Factory Hardware. Among other options, the c883 SUV is offered in Magic Black/Machined finish for that clean, luxurious appearance.

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