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Oct 03, 2012

The G63 AMG Black Out Treatment!

The new 2013 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is the first model year to sport the new face lift. The amazing new redesign adds turn indicators in the side-view mirrors, has LED running lights, a new front bumper and a twin-blade grill.

The big difference however isn't on the exterior of this vehicle, but it's on the interior with an entirely redesigned cabin complete with a new dash arrangement, steering wheel, instrument cluster, and center console.

In true CEC fashion, less is more, and when blacking out the new 2013 G63 AMG, less really means more. This particular client did not want to black out everything, he opted to leave the taillights, rear reflectors and side reflectors untouched. The spare tire rack was blacked out, along with all the emblems, trim around the entire vehicle and side pipes.

To have your G63 AMG, or any other ride for that matter, undergo the CEC blackout treatment contact a CEC sales executive today at 800.766.0064.

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