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Feb 19, 2013

The Race Is On | Eric Garcetti for Mayor of LA

There is nothing more aggravating than hitting a pothole on your way to work only to find out that little pothole is going to cost you more than a jolt; it’s going to hit your pocket book too. With more and more occurrences of wheel and tire damage due to potholes being recorded daily, the situation is rapidly worsening. With 6,500 miles of road, of which 64% of those are ranked as “poor condition”, Los Angeles needs a fix. Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti has promised to be that fix. "If you're tired of potholes, damaged wheels and flat tires, join me and vote for Eric Garcetti" said Claus Ettensberger (President of CEC) in regards to the current election for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Claus has been a longtime supporter of the current Mayor of Los Angeles and wants to continue to be a supporter of those who want to make this city a better place to live and a better place to drive. Join CEC (www.cecwheels.com) and support Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti by "Fixing the streets of LA, one pothole at a time!"

Don't forget to get out and vote this March 5th because every voice matters! Register to vote now.

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