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Jun 25, 2013

The Versatility of the c885 Multi-piece Forged

Introduced at the 2012 SEMA show is the new c885 3-piece forged wheel. This new wheel features a layered mesh design along with hidden rivets. Available in 19"-22" diameter and up to 13" width, this wheel can be sized to fit a large range of vehicles. The design is both classic and modern with its aggressively styled spokes and elegantly finished face.

From a rugged SUV to a low-slung roadster, this combination of styles allow the c885 to enhance the appearance of a multitude of vehicles.

The aggressive spokes along with the matte black finish on these 22" c885 wheels add to the already rugged and edgy design of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.

On the other hand, the classic face of these 20" c885 wheels combined with the gloss white/ machined finish add another level of sophistication to the already sporty and sophisticated Mercedes-Benz CLS 550.

Lastly, the staggered 20"/21" c885 3-piece forged wheels in a custom matte white/brushed finish enhance the sporty and aggressive lines on the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG roadster.

The c885 wheel is also available with exposed rivets and is currently being developed to be offered in a monoblock forged construction and cast alloy construction. For more information contact your CEC representative.

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