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Jul 23, 2013

The 2013 Audi A4/S4 BERLINE by Caractere Performance

CEC is proud to announce the new Caractere Performance A4/S4 Berline from Caractere Tuning. CEC is the exclusive distributor for Caractere tuning, a Belgium tuner for Porsche and Audi. Whereas the Caractere Exclusive line of products focuses on Porsche models, Caractere Performance focuses on enhancing the sporty look and power output of the Audi and Volkswagen.

The bodykit follows the styling of their recently released A5/S5 kit and is composed of a complete front bumper, a rear diffuser (available with or without the Caractere exhaust and tips), a boot spoiler, and side skirts all of which will be available September 2013.

Available now as part of the Caractere Performance kit for the A4/S4 is a power box and wheels. The power box adds 39 hp and 41 lb ft. of torque and 52 hp and 48 ft-lb. of torque to the A4 and S4, respectively. The CW1 wheels are available in 18"-20" and graphite or silver finishes.

Please contact a CEC representative today for ordering info at 800.766.0064 or through our contact us page here.

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