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Sep 05, 2013

CEC End of Summer Blowout Sale

CEC is excited to offer huge discounts on some of the most popular tuning products and wheels from our prestigious brand portfolio. Customers can take advantage of a 20% discount on all Caractere Performance and Caractere Exclusive tuning for your Porsche, Audi or VW models during the month of August. We are also offering genuine Antera wheels starting at just $89/wheel (more details below). Lastly, the CEC c721 Forged is available now at 60% off in various sizes and finishes for select applications (application list below). To take advantage of these incredible savings, contact a CEC Sales Representative today at 310-203-3900 or contact us here.  Read More

Aug 14, 2013

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with 20" CEC c884 Wheels

At $58,000, the Mercedes Benz C63 is the least expensive way to get into an AMG. However, with a 6.2 Liter V8 packing 451 HP (481 if you opt for the P31 Performance Package) accelerating it from 0-60 in 4 seconds and aggressive body modifications to differentiate it from a standard C-class, it certainly doesn't feel or look pedestrian.  Read More

Aug 09, 2013

Bavarian Land Shark | BMW 650i Grand Coupe with 20" CEC Wheels

The 6 Series Gran Coupe is an all new model from BMW that seeks to add the functionality of four doors to the styling of the 6 Series GT car. The result is a beautiful low slung coupe silhouette with enough space to fit four adults for a comfortable cruise across the country. The car is classically styled like a BMW GT with a long hood upfront and muscular hips in the rear.  Read More

Aug 07, 2013

Black & White Allover | Ferrari 458 Spider with CEC Forged wheels

The CEC c884 Forged wheel is a light weight, functional and simply styled wheel, a perfect compliment to the 458 Italia, whose body was designed around its aerodynamic functions. Its no wonder then, that most costumers who bring 458 Italia's to CEC opt to get a set of c884 Forged wheels for their Ferrari. The five spoke design, with subtle tapering curves that meet the lip, accents the rigid and flowing lines of the 458.  Read More

Jul 26, 2013

22 inch c881 CEC Wheels on the Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S, with its zero emissions all electric power train, stunningly sleek exterior and luxurious high-tech interior, is an all around technological marvel. It's no wonder the Model S is now the highest selling luxury sedan in America, despite the Audi A8, BMW 7 series, and Mercedes S-class being available for decades. With the abundance of Model S's now on the streets of Los Angeles we wanted to show the owners just how your Model S could look with some added elegance courtesy of CEC wheels.  Read More

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