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Jun 28, 2012


The way Lamborghini rolls off the tongue is the same way Aventador rolls down the street. Effortlessly. This car not only speaks for itself it screams for itself. Add some of our c884 Forged rims in black, paint the calipers to match this beautiful pearl white paint job and you have perfection. The c884 Forged is the perfect accent to the LP-700 giving it the right balance of form and function.

With the c884 Forged we have implemented engineering techniques to dramatically reduce the weight of the rims, making sure to extract every single horse from the Italian thorough bread. Each set of c884 Forged wheels are machined to each specific application, giving our customers an almost limitless combination of single or two tone finishes. 

What have we done to this work of art? The way this beauty sits is on our signature c884 Forged wheels, with a high gloss black finish, factory center caps, lug nuts, and original rubber. Keeping the factory lug nuts and center caps ensures a clean factory look. The only difference dimensionally is the offset giving the rear wheels a more aggressive concave look to them. It’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. Creating a truly one of a kind masterpiece. 

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