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Jul 02, 2012

Karma with the c881

Something that always rings true here at CEC is that less is more. The Fisker Karma is a car that requires such little work out of the factory. Adding something as simple as new rims is about all the work needed for this beautiful ride to stand out of from the pack. The owner of this Fisker decided to choose a wheel out of our signature lineup, the c881 with a matte black/machined finish.

This Karma has the same signature c881 with the Liquid Silver finish; notice how such a minor change can have such a significant impact on the overall look of the car.

The c881 is the perfect counterpart for the Fisker Karma; with its clean contemporary lines and open spoke design. Machining the spokes open helps to reduce the unsprung weight of each wheel, as well as making it a sleeker and sexier looking wheel. The c881 comes in Liquid Silver or matte black with a machined face as your finish options. Also in two staggered sizes 20”x8.5”, 20”x10” as well as 22”x9”, 22”x10.5 with a more concave rear wheel, giving you an aggressive and elegant appearance that every one is determined to obtain these days.

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