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May 16, 2012

New SL | New CEC Wheels

For nearly 60 years, Mercedes-Benz has created a standard for sports cars to come. Almost six decades after the original, the 2013, 6th edition SL has been crafted for release later this year. The fresh design of the new body style, interior and new engine creates a new interpretation of the classic roadster. The most innovative element of the new body is the Magic Sky Control roof, allowing the driver to control the transparency with one click of a button.

The 20” staggered CEC c883 provides a perfect stylistic addition to the SL550 making it as exceptional aesthetically as it is athletically. Revealed for the first time in a Chrome finish, the monoblock construction of the c883 flawlessly compliments the latest SL550.

Exceptional options for the SL550 include CEC’s c882. For a more sophisticated style, the c882 is created to compliment complex lines. Shown in Gunmetal/Machined Finish, the c882 is also available in Gloss Black/Machined finish.

Also featured on the SL550 are the soon to be released 20” staggered c884. The c884 is featured in matte black/machined finish on the SL550. Made to model the c884 Forged, the c884 provide a sense of balance between form and function with a classic design.

Stay tuned for the upcoming official release of the c884

Click here to see the full gallery of the new SL550 featuring CEC Wheels

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