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Jul 24, 2012

CEC Update | Motegi Racing Technomesh MR120

Three months ago we brought you the forged Motegi MR120 in Matte Gunmetal, now we bring the forged MR120 to you in GT Racing Silver and Matte Black. The last batch of photographs we furnished to you was of the 2012 CEC Edition 458 Italia  fitted with the lightweight forged Motegi MR120 racing wheel in Matte Gunmetal. This time around we bring them in two other available finishes. These high performance street tuning wheels are TUV certified and tailor made in Italy.

Street versions of this wheel are designed with racing enthusiasts in mind, forged alloy mono block construction and added techno pockets help reduce unsprung weight, while still maintaining the rigidity, safety and performance you expect. Another added feature of the Motegi Racing wheel is the unfinished surfaces around the bead of the tire and lug nut seats. The area around the bead helps to keep the tire in contact with the wheel while racing. Unfinished lug nut seats help to prevent the chance the lug nuts will back out on there own. It’s the small details that make a wheel ready for racing, and Motegi makes them ready for racing.

Offered through CEC.

Click here to visit the official Motegi Racing site for more info.

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