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Sep 05, 2012

Matte White Lexus GS450h with matching Matte White CEC c882

What is the easiest way to transform a stock car into something that looks like a piece of jewelry you picked up at Cartier ? Plant it on some staggered matte white wheels to match the matte white vinyl wrap by 3M, then machine the face of the wheels down to bare metal.

This Lexus GS450h has a set of custom staggered 20” CEC c882 wheels painted to match the matte white wrap, and then we machined the entire face of the rim leaving just the bare metal to show itself off. Something a little more subtle is the inner barrel, we painted it black to help with brake dust while adding some much needed contrast.

We have put together some amazing package deals to help you configure your 2013 Lexus GS with custom wheel finishes to make it truly a unique vehicle. Make sure you contact one of our two showrooms at 800.766.0064 to inquire about a specialized wheel and tire package for your vehicle.

Want to make this one yours? Simply contact Lexus Santa Monica at 800.859.4081 and mention Matte White CEC GS.

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