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Sep 17, 2012

Let your imagination go wild with c884 Forged options for the Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is undeniably one of the most iconic American sports cars ever designed or produced to date. With production starting in 1953 and running continuously through today, the Corvette is also one of the longest running production sports cars available on the market. There is no better way to truly make this car your own than by adding some CEC Forged c884’s to your current setup.

The c884 Forged was designed with the high end sports car market in mind; making sure to incorporate large windows for giant brake calipers and huge rotors which are starting to come standard from most manufactures. We have left the finish of the c884 Forged up to your imagination, the most popular finish being matte black. A few of our customers like to play with the color wheel a little and go for something a little more exotic, like Matte Red Metallic shown below.

Available diameter sizing on the c884 Forged begins at 19" and ends at 22", and widths range in size from 8.5" to a massive 13" contact patch for the rears.

The c884 Forged can be ordered for almost any application, contact a CEC Sales Executive and have a set fully customized to match or enhance your vehicle today!

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