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May 03, 2012

Ferrari GTO + CEC c884 Forged = PERFECTION!

Improvements to the Ferrari 599 GTB seemed nearly impossible until the 2011 release of the Ferrari 599 GTO. This Ferrari is considered to be the road-version of the 599XX, the fastest and most powerful car of its kind. Based on the 599XX, the Italian engineers focused on four primary concepts, increasing power, decreasing weight, reducing understeer, and improving downforce combined to create the most powerful Ferrari ever on the road.

Perfectly combined, the GTB and 599XX have fused to create the GTO, with ultimate power and torque. Not only has the GTO adopted the crankshafts and intake system of the 599XX, the GTO’s 6.0 liter V-12 engine is about 90% of the 599XX, according to Ferrari, with exhaust and catalytic converters making the GTO eight decibels louder.

Aside from being the most powerful Ferrari on the road, the 599 GTO is even lighter than its predecessors. Up to 220lbs lighter than the GTB, the GTO, among many features, has shed eighteen pounds from the transmission and twenty nine pounds from the exhaust due to Hydroforming Technology, allowing for thinner tubing and fewer welds.

The aerodynamic innovations of the GTO improve downforce and reduce understeer. The changes in the chassis result in an almost complete absence of understeer. In addition, the aerodynamic features of the GTO increase downforce without impacting drag, ideal for those who want to maximize their high-performance drive.

Like the performance and unmatched quality of the GTO, the c884 Forged is the essential wheel for extracting maximum performance and timeless design. With state-of-the-art techniques, the c884 Forged provides the ideal balance of form and function with sizing in front 9x21" (255/30/21 Pirelli P-Zero) and rear 12x22" (335/25/22 Pirelli P-Zero). The weight saving methods implemented in these wheels considerably reduces unsprung weight and make the c884 Forged the ultimate selection for the lightest, most powerful Ferrari yet.

The c884 Forged is available in almost any finish conceivable with single or multiple tones. Sizing is available in 19”, 20”, 21”, and 22” diameters in widths from 8.5” to 13”. The c884 Forged is custom machined for each specific application.

Click here to view the full hi-res gallery of the Ferrari 599 GTO

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