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Jul 15, 2014

CEC Wheels: Endless Custom Finishes

When you choose CEC, you’re the boss when it comes to how you want your wheels to turn out. Each of our wheels comes in a variety of finishes to match most customer’s styles. From a bright and clean Liquid Silver finish to a textured Matte black finish, CEC wheels can surely be optimized for your vehicle.

However, our options don’t stop there as we offer complete custom finishes for wheels such as the Forged CEC c884. When you choose to custom finish your CEC wheel you have a multitude of directions to take your vehicle. You can keep it simple and order a wheel in a custom matte black finish or you can go for a unique style by color matching your wheels to match your car.

We also allow you to create a two tone finish by choosing different colors for the face, barrel , center cap and spokes of the wheel. With all these choices, we understand you can be indecisive so come into the CEC LA showroom to get more information on custom wheel finishes as well as the chance to render your vehicle with different wheels and finishes.

Click here to visit the Custom Wheel Finishes Gallery Album

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