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Aug 20, 2014

2014 Custom Jeep Wrangler by CEC Wheels

Following our successful Jeep Wrangler build in Miami, we are excited to offer another custom transformation based off this 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.  Read More

May 05, 2014

British Super Sedan gets the CEC Treatment

For almost a century, Aston martin has been renowned for perfectly blending sports and luxury into one beautiful package. Each Aston Martin model feels special in its own way and draws attention from onlookers of all ages. The iconic English brand earned even more recognition after being used for decades as the mode of transportation for James Bond, a man whose dangerous demeanor reflects his car’s persona by combining thrilling stunts with sophistication. Read More

Mar 03, 2014

D3 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe with CEC Wheels

Sub5zero.com featured a great article and photo set about the D3 Cadillac Widebody CTS-V Coupe. Below is an excerpt:  Read More

Aug 14, 2013

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with 20" CEC c884 Wheels

At $58,000, the Mercedes Benz C63 is the least expensive way to get into an AMG. However, with a 6.2 Liter V8 packing 451 HP (481 if you opt for the P31 Performance Package) accelerating it from 0-60 in 4 seconds and aggressive body modifications to differentiate it from a standard C-class, it certainly doesn't feel or look pedestrian.  Read More

Aug 09, 2013

Bavarian Land Shark | BMW 650i Grand Coupe with 20" CEC Wheels

The 6 Series Gran Coupe is an all new model from BMW that seeks to add the functionality of four doors to the styling of the 6 Series GT car. The result is a beautiful low slung coupe silhouette with enough space to fit four adults for a comfortable cruise across the country. The car is classically styled like a BMW GT with a long hood upfront and muscular hips in the rear.  Read More

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