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Jan 03, 2013

Caractere Exclusive Porsche Panamera

Now that we are in a new year we wanted to share a new build we completed just before closing the shop up for the end of the year. To end the year off right we wanted to get one last build in, and that is just what we did. We took a brand new Porsche Panamera Turbo S and enhanced it with the Caractere Exclusive tuning program. What made this build unique was, not only being the first Caractere Exclusive Panamera full body kit in the North American market, that we also had less than two weeks to complete the entire build.

This build consisted of a complete aerodynamic kit from Caractere Exclusive for the Porsche Panamera, Caractere Exclusive sport exhaust system, and an Escort Radar system. The left side of the Panamera was outfitted with our CEC c882 Forged in a staggered 22" fitment in a Matte Black finish. On the opposite side of the vehicle we have mounted a set of Caractere Exclusive staggered 22" CW1 wheels finished in a Mirror Polished Silver. Each wheel giving the vehicle an entirely different appearance.

The full Caractere Exclusive aero kit consists of complete front and rear bumper assemblies, a set of side skirts, and a boot spoiler. The sport exhaust system is made entirely out of stainless steel and really helps to improve the exhaust note of this vehicle.

Enjoy some special behind the garage images of this build. The first thing that must be done is the factory body work needs to come off.

Next comes the test fitment stage, where we make sure everything lines up properly before being prepped for the paint booth.

After everything lines up and mounts up properly, everything must be sent out to the paint booth. While the bumpers, side skirts, and boot spoiler are being painted next up is the exhaust.

After everything is done being painted and cures properly all the components of the aerodynamic package must be fastened into place. 

After everything is mounted the only thing left are the mounting and balancing of the wheels, and we trust you've seen that job done a few times prior!



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