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Jun 25, 2012

Bullrun 2012 "The Prep"

Bullrun 2012 has begun! This year the rally started right here in Los Angeles, June 23rd on Hollywood Boulevard, and will return to Los Angeles over the week, completing what is known as a west-coast-loop. Over at CEC we have been getting our cars prepped and ready to rock and roll to the top spot this year. Check out this time-lapse video of our car getting dressed up for the launch of the rally. 

As most of our customers know Claus has been in the Bullrun rally since 2006, making him a top contender to take the rally for his second victory. Team CEC has always been feared by the other competitors because of the attitude that we bring to the table and the reliability of our cars. This year is no different from any previous year, check out the line up we have put together to smash this years competition. 

Defending champs, Seth Rose and Tony King, are going to have a lot on their plate to keep Claus and Team CEC from forcefully taking it from them.

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