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May 05, 2014

British Super Sedan gets the CEC Treatment

For almost a century, Aston martin has been renowned for perfectly blending sports and luxury into one beautiful package. Each Aston Martin model feels special in its own way and draws attention from onlookers of all ages. The iconic English brand earned even more recognition after being used for decades as the mode of transportation for James Bond, a man whose dangerous demeanor reflects his car’s persona by combining thrilling stunts with sophistication.

The brand new Aston Martin Rapide S is no exception to this lineage of striking and highly sought after GT cars. With a wailing 558 hp 6.0L V12 and four doors, it is the perfect example of what an Aston Martin is suppose to be.

When the Rapide S arrived at CEC we knew it needed just a bit of flair to exaggerate its already evil blacked out body. That’s exactly why we installed a set of 21” CEC c882 wheels in a Matte black finish. The wheels sharp lines combined with the matte black finish compliment the cars swooping yet sharp body lines.

If you desire a similar look on your Aston Martin or other car, contact your CEC representative or visit the LA showroom.

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