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Aug 09, 2013

Bavarian Land Shark | BMW 650i Grand Coupe with 20" CEC Wheels

The 6 Series Gran Coupe is an all new model from BMW that seeks to add the functionality of four doors to the styling of the 6 Series GT car. The result is a beautiful low slung coupe silhouette with enough space to fit four adults for a comfortable cruise across the country. The car is classically styled like a BMW GT with a long hood upfront and muscular hips in the rear.

To enhance the subtleties of this elegant big coupe we installed a set of staggered 20" CEC c882 wheels in a color matched/ gunmetal finish. To complete the theme of black and gunmetal, we wrapped all of the trim in matte gunmetal.

Of course all of these upgrades are only visual and don't add anything to the other senses which is exactly why we added a custom exhaust system to complete the monstrous presence of this Gran Coupe. The final result was a stealth cruiser, ready for a highway cruise or a high speed run on the backroads.

If you are looking for a similar package for your 6 Series or any other vehicle contact your CEC representative.

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