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Aug 07, 2013

Black & White Allover | Ferrari 458 Spider with CEC Forged wheels

The CEC c884 Forged wheel is a light weight, functional and simply styled wheel, a perfect compliment to the 458 Italia, whose body was designed around its aerodynamic functions. Its no wonder then, that most costumers who bring 458 Italia's to CEC opt to get a set of c884 Forged wheels for their Ferrari. The five spoke design, with subtle tapering curves that meet the lip, accents the rigid and flowing lines of the 458.

Although its missing its top, the 458 Spider retains most of the lines and aerodynamic features of the hardtop model and thus is also a great match for a set of forged c884s. This customer chose to follow the look of the matte white body wrap and matte black roof wrap with a set of staggered 21" and 22" CEC c884 wheels in a matte black finish. Paired with the custom matte white/matte black exterior and Terra Bruciata brown interior, the car contains a palate of neutral colors that make it stand out in an unconventional way.

If you seek the same look on your 458 or other vehicle contact CEC or stop by the CEC LA Tuning Center for more information.

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