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Apr 18, 2012

Bianco Fuji 458 with c884 Forged

Coming out of our CEC Miami Tuning Center, the Bianco Fuji 458 with CEC 884 forged wheels is highly customized combination of style and function. The Ferrari and Novitec custom options used in combination with the c884 Forged wheels create the ultimate balance between sleek design and maximum performance. Highlights include the rare Bianco Fuji Pearl White Exterior that adds elegance to the sleek design and the Ferrari Signatures in the engine bay that make this car one of a kind.

Ferrari Options include:
•   Bianco Fuji Pearl White Exterior Paint
•   Matte Black roof
•   Carbon Fiber Sill Covers
•   Carbon Fiber Front Wing
•   Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
•   Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Segment
•   Carbon Fiber Engine Side Covers
•   Carbon Fiber Air Intake Folder
•   Carbon Fiber Filter Caps
•   Carbon Fiber Gas Cap
•   Carbon Fiber Door Handles
•   Ceramic Brakes
•   Front Suspension Lifter
•   Sport Exhaust Pipes
•   Two-tone Exterior painting
•   Outer Sport Sill Cover
Novitec Rosso Options Include:
•   Novitec Suspension
•   Novitec Rear Skirt Middle in Carbon
•   Novitec Rear Skirt Flaps in Carbon
•   Novitec Rear Lip in Carbon
•   Novitec Front Bumper in Carbon
•   Novitec Ventilation-Louver Front Bumper
•   Novitec Front Flaps Extension in Carbon
•   Novitec Taillight Cover in Carbon
•   Novitec Foglight Cover in Carbon
CEC Options include:
•   CEC c884 Forged (Front 21" | Rear 22" ) in Matte Black finish with OE Ferrari Carbon Center caps
•   Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
•   Smoked Rear Taillights
Click here to see the rest of the gallery on the Bianco Fuji 458 with c884 Forged

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