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Sep 10, 2012

American muscle never looked so good | Chevy Camaro SS

You may have seen many modified Camaros since the last iteration was released by Chevrolet in 2009, but none are like what we did here at CEC. Just about every inch of this ride has been tuned to perfection. Starting from the ground up, we mounted a set of staggered 22” CEC c884 Forged and finished them in brushed gunmetal giving the already wide stance of the Camaro an even wider feel. A custom grill by DJ Grilles, painted to match the finish of the wheels, helps keep the style consistent from all angles.

The Lamborghini inspired doors change the entire style of the car and lift the doors to a different level; giving the Camaro a completely unique look when opened.

This Camaro SS has been lowered about 1.4” in the front and 1.3” in the rear, using H&R’s sport lowering springs, giving it a boost in handeling while maintaining a superb ride quality. A custom stainless steel performance exhaust system coated with a heat resistant matte black paint as well as some serious engine upgrades, truly makes this a CEC Muscle Car.

Almost any car can have this type of customization. Here at CEC, we specialize in turning your ordinary everyday driver into something that is truly extraordinary!

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