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May 09, 2012

A Little Creativity Goes A Long Way

Doing something as simple as painting the chrome trim on a car or changing the color of the brake calipers not only enhances the look of the vehicle, but makes the entire wheel and tire package stand out even more. This appealing CEC Treatment proves that a little creativity will truly go a long way. The best part—it is eye-catching on almost all makes and models.

The CEC Treatment looks great on Lexus in any color from the darkest shades of black to the purest white. The trim is painted in a similar color to the wheels to create a smooth flow throughout the whole vehicle. On both Lexus GS350’s, the chrome trim is painted matte gunmetal to match the striking design of the c882 and the red calipers build a bold statement, making the wheels especially prominent.

Similar to the Lexus, the Mercedes Benz vehicles have been given the CEC Treatment, confirming that it’s perfect for very different models alike. Whether you have custom painted wheels or colored calipers, this type of treatment will display the perfect balance of color and design.

This treatment can include:
  • exterior window trim
  • exterior badges
  • door handles
  • side mirrors
  • lower and upper front grills
  • rear trunk and bumper trim
  • exhaust tips
  • tail lights
  • brake calipers
  • Don't miss the opportunity to take your car modification to the next level

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