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Apr 24, 2012

2012 C-Coupe Featuring Antera 501

The newest 2012, 4-passenger Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe combines an aggressive presence with a sporty shape and confident stance. With aerodynamic lower body work and an aggressive front, the striking C-Class compliments the 19” staggered Antera Type 501 wheels which are designed for fast road vehicles.

The striking asymmetrical design of the Antera Type 501 is inspired by speed as representing luxury and distinction. Made for the performance-oriented, they offer a perfect selection for the C-Class Coupe. The Antera Type 501 features an aggressive two-piece look; a diamond cut surface and one piece casting with a wider rear rim underlined by rounded spokes.

This Type 501 features a Glossy Titanium/Machined finish.

Please visit the Antera Type 501 Wheel page for more info.

Source: antera-usa.com

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