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May 21, 2012

AC Schnitzer X5 Exhaust Install | A Behind the Scenes Look

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at CEC? You’ve seen the before and after photos but steps of the process have always remained with the master CEC technicians. CEC technicians at our NEW CEC Miami Tuning Center installed an AC Schnitzer exhaust on the BMW X5 35D.

Before starting the installation of the AC Schnitzer exhaust, the BMW exhaust pipe was cut to the rear silencer and the earth strip was removed from the original exhaust system. Matching the earth strip on the AC Schnitzer exhaust to the rear silencer officially starts the installation process.

The AC Schnitzer sport rear silencer is installed onto the cut points and the side pipes are mounted on the left and the right sides.

CEC technicians trim the exhaust housing to make sure that the tailpipes are in their proper position, paying special attention to the spacing all the way around the tailpipes.

The AC Schnitzer exhaust improves the power output and the respond behavior of the X5 while creating a deep, rich sound and sporty appearance.

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